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The History of The Swahilian Pronounciation of Indeed

A Play in three Acts by Deon (Dex)

[Act 1]

[Scene 1: Question the first]

How is indee' the Swahilian translation of indeed?

[Scene 2: Reply the first]

Well its a story older than time itself...

[Scene 3]

[Setting the scene:
Back just before the big bang two fellows, by the names of Fred McMurrayMan and the Little Known Roger Kirby Experience were sitting beneath an acorn tree. It was known at that time to all alive (being those two and the random passing elk remix tribute band) that all acorn trees were actually zuchinis.
Anyway after much fisticuff fighting a whale was born, forged in the pits of hell... or as it was known at that time, East New Brunswick.]

Whale:(looking to the sky): Werd! dude! I remix a pike and look whatz up! whack!

The Little Known Roger Kirby Experience (exclaiming): My pink panther pantaloons are paid for in pesos

Random Passing Elk Remix Tribute Band: whats down the whale, biatch?

Whale: what else... three missions to mars

Fred McMurrayMan: Only three to a planet that doesnt exist? Ive been there 400 times this week..

[Some Narration Type Person Guy Thing Remix:]
...and thus the zuchinni experience featuring Pumpkin man the semi extereme(who hadnt appeared in this story until now, but was believed to be hiding somewhere behind the couch) exclaimed "of course, 1+1 does equal a window! my house will be complete
...and thus indee became the swahili pronounciation of indeed

[Act 2]

Ok I lied about the three act thing!
<insert dancing (interperative and modern> here

John Grisham (to be played by Tom Clancy): Where did my burrito go? Not El Salvador again...

And so they lived happily ever after

The End

By Dex (Deon) 13/04/04

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