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Race around East New Brunswick

This is one of many, silly conversations which took place on MSN Messenger - taking full advantage of the handwriting feature:

The conversation took place between devslashtux and Colonel. Colonels name at the time was "Whenever you're studying the migratory patterns of albatross wearing Levi jeans don't stop famous authors and ask for directions." this set the theme for the conversation:

  1. devslashtux

    you are the migratory pattern of an albatross

  2. Colonel

    That's an insult! I challenge you to a race around East New Brunswick. The winner gets a feast to remember. The loser is forced to sing "Embraceable you" while wearing spats.

  3. devslashtux


  4. Colonel

    You better be shocked!

  5. devslashtux

    Rocket around East New Brunswick

    Sufficiently raced!

  6. Colonel

    Not when I can do this:

    My 'me around ENB faster than Drew rocket.'

  7. devslashtux

    Comparative speeds between Colonels rocket, a train, the space shuttle and a snail - snail wins

  8. Colonel

    Density vs speed - snails are slow

  9. devslashtux

    i'll ride my snail around ENB faster than you could possibly imagine albatross boy

  10. Colonel

    That may be but, my poor friend, you're knowledge of post-modern telemetric theorem leaves you vastly unprepared for this challenge. You see, my travel is regulated by global hyper sonic sine waves which my rocket is able to tap into. So while on the simple "Drew attempts to show how fast things are scale" you so adequately Drew for me the snail does travel faster, your scale is completely ill-equipped to display the true complexity in such a comparison of relative travel.

At this point the conversation veered off onto the consumption of food and returning at a later time.

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