Character Profiles


Ninjo a half French, half Spanish (he exhibits none of the traits of his heritage) ninja apprentice who is working his way through ninja training school. Of the two characters in Fishflywest Ninjo is the more successful, more out going character. He has a girl friend, Waterfall, a bohemian hippy. He’s also interested in issues of philosophy, politics, economics and religion.


Philby is a washed up writer trying to complete his great American novel. He has no girl friend and is not successful. Unlike Ninjo he is apathetic to issues of philosophy, politics, economics and religion and life in general.

Other characters:

Waterfall: Ninjo’s girlfriend.

Stalin: Ninjo and Philby’s friend.

Two chickens: Ninjo and Philby’s other room mates.

Harold Holt: Makes a special guest appearance as the ‘bad’ guy in a number of the scripts.