The Bird Goes 'Round'

The Nightingale Chronicles

Episode 123: A Dire Fate

"Ha ha ha ha ha! You will never leave this place alive!" said the crazy old lady to the Nightingale. With this command, 100 soldiers with swords began to march upon the Nightingale.

A blank look filled the Nightingales eye. Tense moments passed as the soldiers advanced.

In the Nightingales mind it pondered that statement. "will never leave this place alive." Being an inanimate cardboard bird it was not nor had ever been alive - except for a brief period as a tree.

Still, being a cardboard bird surrounded by 100 soldiers brandishing swords is hardly a natural position to be in. So the Nightingale simply time-jumped away.

What will happen in the next mind numbingly exciting episode of The Nightingale Chronicles find out when we get around to writing it!