The Bird Goes 'Round'

BGR: Interactive Tips

Tip no. 1

Paper that is already printed on one side generally looks pretty cheap.

Example Number 1

Tip no. 2

What is it?! Try to make images have a point. Captions can't make up for blackness! This was taken in a tunnel... Where... Who knows! Alright, if you really want to know, it was somewhere between Mascot and Green Square.

Example Number 2

Tip no. 3

No hands! The Nightingale is a flightless bird, therefore, sometimes it needs a hand (literally) to get to the right spot for the photo. Just try to keep your hands out of the photo while you are helping the bird out.

Tip no. 4

Don't hurt yourself! As seen in the BGR official photo "The Waterwheel", Nightingaling can be dangerous! Getting a photo is not worth breaking yourself!

Tip no. 5

Don't annoy people! If you are driving people crazy, put the bird away! It will forgive you!


No tips here!That's a foul taste!!

All stations to Nightingale, followed by Meep!