The Bird Goes 'Round'

The Nightingale Chronicles

The Nightingale Chronicles are a series of short and exceptionally silly stories which have been written out of sheer boredom whilst riding on trains. Normally, they have been tapped out one letter at a time on a Palm handheld (normally whilst listening to music and staring out the window…)

They have been included here:

  1. Episode 591: Fuschiabeard Begins
  2. Episode 592: Fuschiabeard the Pirate (Part I)
  3. Episode 593: Fuschiabeard the Pirate (Part II)
  4. Episode 235: A Dark and Stormy Night
  5. Episode 123: A Dire Fate
  6. Episode 123.2: A Fire Date
  7. Episode 1000: En Transit (Part I): A Cliffhanger Awaits
  8. Episode 1001: En Transit (Part II): A Suspensful Wait
  9. Episode 1002: En Transit (Part III): The Showdown on the High Rails
  10. Episode 1003: En Transit (Part IV): The Battle Begins
  11. Episode 764.5: End Transmission Now…