The Bird Goes 'Round'

The Nightingale Chronicles

Episode 592 - Fuschiabeard the Pirate (Part I)

"Meep" said the Nightingale, as it left for its bi-monthly flight to the moon.

Suddenly a shout from the distance was heard. "Ahoy. There shalt be no meeping here" and then there was silence… Several tense months passed until the day the Nightingale again heard the cry of "Ahoy. There shalt be no meeping here".

This time the Nightingale looked behind the large boulder nearby only to discover a pile of moss!

"Meep" said the Nightingale in confusion.

Suddenly, from out of the bushes (which had been slowly growing over this long period) came Fuchsiabeard the pirate! "Ahoy. There shalt be no meeping here. You have come to this place to meep your last meep!" he said.

To be continued…

Will the Nightingale be triumphant? Will Fuchsiabeard win the battle to end all battles? The answer next week in The Nightingale Chronicles part 592+1!