About Fishflywest

Fishflywest is a series of scripts written by Deon, Alex and Matt.

The three of us began writing the scripts in early 2005. In 2004 Matthew met a friend who was interested in putting together some short animations. He asked the Middle of Nowhere team if they would be interested in writing the scripts for him.

As little while later Alex wanted to get together and start a new Middle of Nowhere project. It had been some time since the team had worked on any thing together, the last work being some collaborative cartoons (Click here) and the script Final Godzilla. (Click here) which had been done the year before.

The three of us assembled at Alex's place to work on some ideas Alex had. The night soon dragged on, however, and we had not produced anything. It was getting late and we were desperate to write something. Deon and I started tossing a few ideas around and at about 12 we started to write.

The idea was to write a series of very short scripts that could be animated. By keeping them short we could write a lot of scripts in a short space of time, allowing us to easily and quickly put together a large body of work.

We wrote six or seven that weekend and then quite a few more over the subsequent weeks and months.

Fishflywest is the every day adventures and struggles of two room mates, Philby and Ninjo.

The scripts are simply about the everyday happenings of these two characters lives. I'd like to tell you that they provide some sort of commentary on the difficulties of surviving in a post-modern, disenfranchised world. But they don't.

What does the future hold for Fishflywest?

The idea of developing Fishflywest as an animated series has been abandoned but don't despair. Middle of Nowhere plans to develop the series as a radio play. Stay tuned for details.

Why Fishflywest?

To be honest I don't remember where the title came from. Well Fishflywest is a phrase I use every now and again, but I don't remember how it became the title for this series. I think we just wanted a title that was totally irrelevant to the content of the scripts.

What's with the introductions?

Before we began writing the series we had been watching John Saffran vs. God. We decided that each episode would open with an introduction dealing with god or religion or something related. No idea why we decided this.

So I hope that's explained Fishflywest. Any comments? Then Have Your Say.

Matt (Colonel)