The Infinite Universe

The Fallacy of the Ambiguous End

The Fallacy of the Ambiguous End is the fourth tale in the Infinite Saga, having been preceded by “The Good, the Bad and the Infinite” written and directed by Deon, Alex, Ben and Matt and loosely based on an original script of the same name written by Alex, “Citizen Moose” written by Deon and “The Muusu Bandit” written by Alex.


All four scripts in the Infinite Saga are set in the Infinite Universe.


On Philosophical Discourse” written by Deon, “Gogo and Patchang (A post-modern look at an unknown world)” written by Alex and “Zoltan the Assassin” written and soon to be directed by Alex are also set in the Infinite Universe but are not a part of the Infinite Saga.