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The financial crisis

Just some thoughts on the Wall St financial crisis. Following the Second World War geo-politics became dominated by the Cold War between Communist and Capitalist ideologies. When the Cold War ended free-market capitalism was often seen as the victorious ideology and successive Governments in the US and around the world pursued free-market economic policies and [...]

The Ballad of Bobby the Cheesemaker

Bobby made cheese. Not just any cheese but the finest cheese in all the land. That was, until the arrival of the Dark Wizard Von Chunsagona. The Dark Wizard was not just any ordinary cheesemaker. He was an insane, cheese making machine with robotic arms and milk as black as his heart. The Dark Wizard [...]

The Orange Box – Review and Troubleshooting

My original post about trouble shooting Half-Life 2 Episode One has quickly grown into the most popular page on this site and become a major resource for trouble shooting Episode One crashes and problems. For those who haven’t seen the original page you can check it out here. Now it’s time for the follow up [...]

Follow Up to Daily Telegraph Post

A few days ago I made a post about a Daily Telegraph article about spelling errors appearing on the same page as their own spelling error. As a follow up to that post I sent the screenshot I posted into Media Watch and they aired the story! You can see a clip of the show [...]

Surely the Daily Telegraph…

…can’t be this dumb… can they? (Obviously they can be) I was looking for news coverage of the Swann/Costello debate and had to take this screenshot of the front page of the Daily Telegraph website. The banner which I’ve circled in blue is an attack on protesters who held up a sign but got the [...]

A quick non-iPhone Update

Should have posted this a while back, well actually Devslashtux should have posted this a while back but he didn’t. Anyway, the Bird Goes ‘Round galleries are back and working again after a long down time. Devslashtux fixed them which we are most appreciative of, we just wished he’d actually told us. So everyone can [...]

The new front page is here!

Of course you probably know that since you would have seen it when you clicked through to this post, but any way it’s here, a very new front page for our website. The site has now been running since late 2005 so a fresh look was a bit overdue. And the new front page better [...]


A quick update, the new MON frontpage is almost complete. Once finished we’ll have a much easier site to access. There’s still a few tweaks to work through so I can’t give an eta. When the new site is done we’ll be dumping the existing news service and replacing it with this blog which will [...]

More MON news

Well the MON team is finishing up its 1st uni semester for the year. We’re hoping to get together during the break and put something together. In the mean time there’s so small news to report. Devslashtux has put together a very flashy Zoltan comic which I’m hoping he’ll be putting up online soon. We’re [...]

Some down right terrible comics

I was just going through some old files and I came across some images the MON team drew one day using paint. They’re generally of a terrible quality and not funny at all. Enjoy!