Monthly Archives: June 2006

Good News Everyone…

We love our TV here in the Middle of Nowhere cave. Some of our favourite programmes in particular seem to be ones that the networks cancel – two which I can readily think of being Firefly and Futurama. Today I read in the news, that Futurama is being revived by Comedy Central! As Prof. Farnsworth [...]

A Foggy Vista

Warning: Nerdy Material Ahead Yesterday morning, it was cold and foggy. The type of morning to sit inside by the fire. By 1 PM it was still foggy – something I’ve not seen before here. I decided to try out the shiny new Windows Vista and use my brand spanking new DVD burner (which supports [...]

Do Test Screenings Ruin Film Integrity

Predictability In Hollywood Films.

More news from the land of MON

Things have been pretty quiet here in old MON land with the MON team rushing to finish end of semester assignments. I know Dex in particular has been hammered with work and I had to hand in a couple of massive assignments before my break which started yesterday. But in the mean time we’ve had [...]