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Is Lazy Town the new Captain Planet?

Obviously, they are fairly different shows, both Captain Planet and the new to ABC show Lazy Town. I think Captain Planet addressed more macro issues of the environment and socio-economic problems as both a cause and effect (which could be defeated using classical elemental rings). However, promoting eating vegetables, drinking water and exercise are other [...]


Hello. It seems as thought I’m back. You heard right. Thought. Hmmm perhaps I should think of some content next time.

Do Test Screenings Ruin Film Integrity

Predictability In Hollywood Films.


Time is awesome. It’s interesting, though, that western society’s major study of time is history, something that looks backwards in order to perhaps foresee the future. This is indeed wise, but perhaps limited. In Balinese society (according to what I remember from my first year anthropology lecturer) the symbolic emphasis is on looking to the [...]


What is the definition of a good parent? Obviously someone who cares, rather than one who abuses, ignores or simply leaves their child. But this is too simplified. Some things do happen which isn’t exactly great parenting, but then again a child’s interpretation of something could result in bad repercussions. I know that everyone getting [...]


I ate a carrot last night. Man it was good. So crunchy, such a good flavour, so consistent. In fact, it was so good I decided to dedicate a poem to it: ODE TO A CARROT O carrot of gold, Not three months old, I eat you up. I didn’t like this poem. So I [...]

What’s in a nickname (redux)

Now for some more self indulgent tripe. On the old website I asked, what exactly is in a nickname? They come from all sorts of influences and are derived from various circumstances (even random is a circumstance). Some people use them, some people don’t. It’s a very intricate system which definitely keeps me up the night [...]

“More smart” should be “smarter”, anyway

Louie the Fly is approximately 588 times the age of an average house fly. This is perhaps strange since he is the mascot of a fly spray. Indeed, it seems Mortein not only fails in killing the bad-guy fly (he has a gangster hat and smokes a cigar!) but gives him some freakishly prolonged life – [...]


*A long, hearty scream is heard*

Broadband, the ‘wonder’ of it all

I remember the days of being excited with broadband, watching other people or the uni computers with its near pre-emptive page loading – as Colonel once said. It loads the page before you even click! However, with its better speed, it’s also expected that it’ll be better in every way – less hassle, and all [...]