The new Sydney M7 motorway has to be the craziest highway I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve been to Los Angeles.

Yet to be fully finished, I haven’t exactly experienced the potential horror, or possibly better, faster and safer road. It will certianly be a more expensive road, with several toll gates throughout measuring how much you’ve travelled. Sure it’s to do with the expansion of Sydney’s western suburbs, but geez! Overdone?

Basically there are multiple giant, modern (and quite scary looking) overpasses going every-which-way at various sections where it intersects. The start of the M5 near Glenfield is an example, and also at the Baulkham Hills section of the M2, however NOTHING compares with the crossover at the M4.

This is where the turn-off used to be for Wonderland, right on the corner where the Bush Beast rollercoaster used to live in its wooden, rickety glory. I believe it’s been taken away – it certainly looks like it, though there are many many roads blocking me and the old theme park (also it’s a bit hard to look whilst driving). My sister pointed out that the highway should latch on to the Bush Beast. Looking at the new overpass, it somehow seems like it has.

Here the overpasses goes into crazydrive. These massive amounts of concrete shoot off in pretty well every dircetion imaginable, with different levels of road rising up, higher than any road should go. On ground level (the M4 running underneath), there are these weird red poles that look like some sort of wiring coming out of them, although when looking at the concept pictures it seems that’s all they’re going to do with it. In the epicentre of this Grand Highway to End All Highways, is a giant red pole with some sort of dome at the top (which looks a little like the shape of a martini glass), which looks evidently like it will be a giant light to shine down on its creation.

The best part of all is that this overpass is in fact a memorial. While not as ironic as Harold Holt’s swimming pool memorial (as pointed out by Bill Bryson’s book, Down Under), this is a memorial to the Australian Light Horse regiments of World War One. What better way to honour them than with an overpass? Official M7 Light Horse Interchange website

westlinkm7 official webpage for those who are further interested.


  1. Devslashtux
    Posted 19 November 2005 at 4:06 pm | Permalink

    Didn’t wonderland shut down?

  2. Alex
    Posted 22 November 2005 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Yeah, it went bankrupt (perhaps purposely) and sold itself to various industrial peoples. I wonder if this included the owners of the M7.