Monthly Archives: October 2007

Surely the Daily Telegraph…

…can’t be this dumb… can they? (Obviously they can be) I was looking for news coverage of the Swann/Costello debate and had to take this screenshot of the front page of the Daily Telegraph website. The banner which I’ve circled in blue is an attack on protesters who held up a sign but got the [...]

Still Bloggin’

No, I’ve not forgotten about blogging (seeing as I still have 6 days before the subject is “over”). Although, don’t expect this post to be coherent. It won’t be. On the DECO1200 front, Minisite 3 is progressing nicely. I’ve just got to decide where to put what… Not fun. But the design is done, and [...]


Today was our last day of classes for the semester. Hooray! I’m sleeping in the morning without the guilty feeling of doing work. We also handed in the evil final DECO1008 3d modelling render today, it was worth 80%. Hopefully Steven and Marc think it’s as shiny as I do. I’m actually quite proud of [...]

DECO1008 Final Assignment

I’ve posted the final assignment for DECO1008 online, you can view the very shiny (literally and figuratively) final rendered image on the DECO1008 page. Or below, for those who are lazy

DECO1005: Final Portfolio

I thought I’d post this up here anyway, my final portfolio website for DECO1005 is now online. Go forth and explore, it’s got videos 

Word 2007 Blogging

I’m just testing out a feature I’ve noticed in my brand new install of Office 2007 which lets you use Word as a blogging client. This post has no real point, it’s just seeing how bad the code Office spits out could possibly be. Here’s a picture of a penguin: So far, I’ve noticed that [...]

Native iPhone apps! ZOMG!

Yes! It’s real! It’s exciting enough to make me briefly speak 1337speak! Apple have given in, there will be a real iPhone/iTouch API coming out next February. On the Apple Hot News page, Steve himself (or one of his minions claiming to be Steve) states: Let me just say it: We want native third party [...]

Abort, Retry, Fail

Given the recent plethora of surveys doing the DECO rounds, I thought this recent post at Worse Than Failure (WTF!) to be particularly apt. Take a close look at question 4. Also, it’s good to know Apple have confidence in OS X.

Development Notes 2

I’ve attached a bunch of sketches I’ve drawn (unfortunately, I’ve also lost quite a few). It shows some ideas developing from the initial sketch to the final prototype (now updated!). It also shows a few things that haven’t changed much at all. Perhaps that’s not a good thing…

Presentation 2

I’ve just given my second presentation for DECO1200 and I think some interesting points have been raised. I’m trying not to be a genius designer (i.e. “I’m right, you’re wrong. Get back in your box!”) . Vanessa asked what the colour button (on the edit screen from the prototype) does. Good point. I don’t think [...]