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Word 2007 Blogging

I’m just testing out a feature I’ve noticed in my brand new install of Office 2007 which lets you use Word as a blogging client. This post has no real point, it’s just seeing how bad the code Office spits out could possibly be. Here’s a picture of a penguin: So far, I’ve noticed that [...]

Presentation 2

I’ve just given my second presentation for DECO1200 and I think some interesting points have been raised. I’m trying not to be a genius designer (i.e. “I’m right, you’re wrong. Get back in your box!”) . Vanessa asked what the colour button (on the edit screen from the prototype) does. Good point. I don’t think [...]

Development Notes 1

Today, I’m going to start a series of posts about the developments I’ve come across over the duration of the project. I’m going to scan in a bunch of scribbled pages I’ve knocked up on the train. It’s also, hopefully, going to show how my ideas have changed to better meet the requirements of my [...]

New iPhone “SDK” coming

According to Ars Technica, Apple are planning a new web-based SDK for the iPhone to be released sometime next year. It will enable offline Web 2.0 apps, similar in concept to Google Gears, so you don’t need to have EDGE or WiFi connectivity to use an app (provided the data has been cached locally). It [...]

Mobisnap High-definition Prototype

Revision 2.2: Updated to show operation of edit screen and navigation. Adds help button? Below is a Flash prototype for the Mobisnap application. It’s programmed to run you through a “product tour” of the program – although the final slide is still incomplete. I’ll update this as soon as I can think.Your comments are welcomed [...]

iPhone Mockup

I’ve quickly whipped up a little example of what you can do with standards-compliant CSS and XHTML. It’s an iPhone interface mockup. It’s not an iPhone simulator, but I intend to use this in some way to use this for some quick lo-fi evaluation.The iPhone mockup can be seen here: http://devslashtux.monproductions.com/static/2007/iphone/. Oh, and on a [...]

New Blog Theme

I’ve replaced the CSS file for my blog, as my old one had some nasty CSS errors and thus was really awful to modify – and since I’m going to (with permission) to use WordPress as a CMS to run the whole site, editable CSS is really important. The new theme is the Sandbox Essay [...]