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WordPress iPhone App

I’m writing this using the WordPress iPhone app, although running on my iPod touch. At the moment I’m tethered to a wifi connection but it does actually seem kind of cool. I can blog about train delays now – except of course if I’m stuck in a tunnel with no mobile coverage. I’m also getting [...]

New Blog Theme

As an interim step to relaunching the MON Blogs, I’ve updated the blog theme to be more “cool” and “vibrant” etc. Do you like? It’s a slight modification of Sandpress, get it here.

Word 2007 Blogging

I’m just testing out a feature I’ve noticed in my brand new install of Office 2007 which lets you use Word as a blogging client. This post has no real point, it’s just seeing how bad the code Office spits out could possibly be. Here’s a picture of a penguin: So far, I’ve noticed that [...]

WordPress 2.3

Quick note to check that the upgrade to WordPress 2.3 succeeded. Which it did. Happyness. WordPress kicks TiddilyWiki