Monthly Archives: February 2008

A Quick Note

Hi readers, Due to the incredible amount of spam that has been hitting the site recently, we’ve changed the comment publishing policy to be moderated before publication. So those of you leaving legitimate comments, don’t fear, they will be published.

2008: The Year in Preview

Okay, so we’ve been quiet recently. I’m going to try and blame the Christmas and New Year holidays, work, The Orange Box and CityRail… But I really can’t. The truth is that we’re all lazy and can’t be bothered to blog. As you can see, Colonel is a bit stir crazy from all the time [...]

The Ballad of Bobby the Cheesemaker

Bobby made cheese. Not just any cheese but the finest cheese in all the land. That was, until the arrival of the Dark Wizard Von Chunsagona. The Dark Wizard was not just any ordinary cheesemaker. He was an insane, cheese making machine with robotic arms and milk as black as his heart. The Dark Wizard [...]