Monthly Archives: May 2006


Time is awesome. It’s interesting, though, that western society’s major study of time is history, something that looks backwards in order to perhaps foresee the future. This is indeed wise, but perhaps limited. In Balinese society (according to what I remember from my first year anthropology lecturer) the symbolic emphasis is on looking to the [...]


What is the definition of a good parent? Obviously someone who cares, rather than one who abuses, ignores or simply leaves their child. But this is too simplified. Some things do happen which isn’t exactly great parenting, but then again a child’s interpretation of something could result in bad repercussions. I know that everyone getting [...]

Mmmm, free stuff

Went to the shops today to buy some milk. And the milk came with a free yogurt and mongo desert thing. It’s so good I’m eating it right now. Don’t know why it was free, it’s not out of date, but hey who am I to complain. Not much new in the land of MON. [...]