What is the definition of a good parent? Obviously someone who cares, rather than one who abuses, ignores or simply leaves their child.

But this is too simplified. Some things do happen which isn’t exactly great parenting, but then again a child’s interpretation of something could result in bad repercussions. I know that everyone getting their way isn’t possible, but surely there must be a way of seeing that somethings really do hurt people.

What defines a good parent? Perhaps a parent treats their kids in the way they wanted to be treated as a child by their parents: if they were neglected in an area, they’ll go to extraordinary efforts to make sure their child gets that – while perhaps ignoring the other elements which they recieved as children, taking them for granted.

Using this philosophy perhaps the worst of parents therefore produce the next generation of good parents (as total neglect gives a child knowledge of all the areas of how to care for someone). Though with that, this alleged ‘perfect parent’ will then cause the next generation to become another aweful parent, as they take for granted everything that was taken care of for them. And thus the cycle continues.

I don’t believe in this entirely, but I often think about it.


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    After posting this sappy but harmless post (well, I don’t know if this is the actual reason), I’ve had two spam emails saying:

    Anyone can hate. It costs to love.


    Love is Gain – Pain is Strife

    (which are great English phrases). Anyway both emails are selling viagra.

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    Our content filter works! It blocked your comment because of your mention of a certain pharmaceutical product!