Monthly Archives: May 2007

The Death of Palm

After 3 1/2 years of faithful service as an MP3 player, video player, internet browser, alarm clock and organizer, my trusty Palm Zire 71 died today after being crushed. The faitful moment occurred in an elevator, safely packed (or so I thought) in it’s case. When two people crushed their way into the lift I [...]

Students need WorkCover!

The last few weeks of semester are a busy time for students at all levels and we at MON are feeling the strain. The site has been a bit slow recently, but come the holidays there will be (hopefully [we say this every semester]) a rush of new content coming! But first, as Colonel, Snaykeemcgee [...]

Spiderman 4 Part 2

(Act 2 written by Colonel not Dex, hence its superior awesomeness) Talking Elk Man: Good thing that Aerosmith song never actually came, I don’t think I could have taken another song! Talking Fridge Boy: Look out Talking Elk Man, it’s your arch nemesis Mr Arch Nemesis. Mr Arch Nemesis: My arches could crush a thousand [...]

Spiderman 4

I’ve recently learnt that there will in fact be a fourth Spiderman film and that this film is actually going to be financed by Middle of Nowhere member Dex. Now obviously this means Dex will have a lot of creative control over the film. I recently asked him about his plans and they include dumping [...]

The Journey of Bob the Turtle

No one knew where Bob the Turtle got his name. He didn’t look anything like a turtle and he’d never had anything to do with turtles in his life. When he was a kid his best friend Josie had had a turtle but no one ever called her Josie the Turtle. (They called her Anna [...]