Students need WorkCover!

Assignments: Just Keep WorkingThe last few weeks of semester are a busy time for students at all levels and we at MON are feeling the strain. The site has been a bit slow recently, but come the holidays there will be (hopefully [we say this every semester]) a rush of new content coming!

But first, as Colonel, Snaykeemcgee and Dex will agree, we have to clear the backlog of assignments and study we have to do.

For example, let’s take a look at my assignments due for the last 4 weeks of semester:

  1. 10 minute presentation for a concept for a comic book
  2. Answer 15 questions on various design topics and write a report on them
  3. Find a magazine cover, pull it apart, put it back together and explain why mine is better
  4. 5 minute presentation about Function, Behaviour and Structure and how they relate to each other
  5. Create a brochure explaining why an artists exhibition is so great and why you should attend
  6. Rustle 5 crocodiles and 2 drop-bears. Compare and contrast their attack behaviours in less than 350 interpretive dances
  7. Write 2500 words about chairs
  8. Write 2500 words about the university faculty’s website (which has some glaring flaws)
  9. Write, draw and publish a comic book. From scratch.

Yes, fun. With a capital F (and lower case un). But on the upside, the comic features none-other than… ZOLTAN THE ASSASSIN! Yes, our very own Zoltan. It is currently titled, Zoltan the Assassin. Catchy huh! More details to come :D

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  1. Snaykeemcwee
    Posted 21 May 2007 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    Aw I want that list! Well, except the presentation on function, behaviour and structure. I’m guessing they’re terms specific to your subject area, no?

    You can’t contrast crocodiles and drop-bears, that can’t be done!