Spiderman 4 Part 2

(Act 2 written by Colonel not Dex, hence its superior awesomeness)

Talking Elk Man: Good thing that Aerosmith song never actually came, I don’t think I could have taken another song!

Talking Fridge Boy: Look out Talking Elk Man, it’s your arch nemesis Mr Arch Nemesis.

Mr Arch Nemesis: My arches could crush a thousand battle ships.

Talking Elk Man: Phew, it’s a good thing I brought one thousand and one battle ships.

Mr Arch Nemesis: Foiled by my arch nemesis, who’d have thought it.

Talking Elk Man: Another disaster averted by battle ships.

Talking Fridge Boy: Would you like a sandwich?

*Talking Elk Man and Talking Fridge Boy sit down and eat sandwiches together. Some time passes, followed later by some chives*

Talking Elk Man: These sandwiches are good. Where’d you get them?

*At that moment a meteor strikes Earth, which is good because this scene is taking place on Mars*

End Act 2