Monthly Archives: July 2007

Hello World!

A very imaginative first post for the DECO1200 Blog. Originally I planned to use a new install of WordPress to run this blog, but after some suggestions from my fellow blogger Colonel, we decided that The MON Blogs could probably do with the additional posts – even if they are of a high nerd-quotient. The [...]

The new front page is here!

Of course you probably know that since you would have seen it when you clicked through to this post, but any way it’s here, a very new front page for our website. The site has now been running since late 2005 so a fresh look was a bit overdue. And the new front page better [...]


A quick update, the new MON frontpage is almost complete. Once finished we’ll have a much easier site to access. There’s still a few tweaks to work through so I can’t give an eta. When the new site is done we’ll be dumping the existing news service and replacing it with this blog which will [...]