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If it’s on the internet, it’s in here. If its on a computer, its in here…

New Blog Theme

As an interim step to relaunching the MON Blogs, I’ve updated the blog theme to be more “cool” and “vibrant” etc. Do you like? It’s a slight modification of Sandpress, get it here.

A Quick Note

Hi readers, Due to the incredible amount of spam that has been hitting the site recently, we’ve changed the comment publishing policy to be moderated before publication. So those of you leaving legitimate comments, don’t fear, they will be published.

The Orange Box – Review and Troubleshooting

My original post about trouble shooting Half-Life 2 Episode One has quickly grown into the most popular page on this site and become a major resource for trouble shooting Episode One crashes and problems. For those who haven’t seen the original page you can check it out here. Now it’s time for the follow up [...]

Word 2007 Blogging

I’m just testing out a feature I’ve noticed in my brand new install of Office 2007 which lets you use Word as a blogging client. This post has no real point, it’s just seeing how bad the code Office spits out could possibly be. Here’s a picture of a penguin: So far, I’ve noticed that [...]

The Death of Palm

After 3 1/2 years of faithful service as an MP3 player, video player, internet browser, alarm clock and organizer, my trusty Palm Zire 71 died today after being crushed. The faitful moment occurred in an elevator, safely packed (or so I thought) in it’s case. When two people crushed their way into the lift I [...]

Half-Life 2 Episode One – Troubleshooting, crashes; everything you need to know

A new post regarding Orange Box and Half-Life 2 Episode Two has been posted. Note: This post is for anyone who has attempted to play Half-Life 2 Episode One and run into various crashes or problems. In my struggles to get the game working on my computer I’ve noticed many forums with threads started by [...]

The Browser Wars: 2006

Well, as we’ve been expecitng now for the past couple of years, the latest battle in the ongoing Browser Wars is upon us. In the Blue corner, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. Now with a improved rendering engine, tabbed browsing, feed support and all the goodies that the opponent has had for years. In the Red [...]

Windows Vista Release Candidate 1

As I posted about a few months ago, I couldn’t get Windows Vista Beta 2 to install on my computer. Wether the download had corrupted, burned to DVD incorrectly or my computer is just stuffed may never be known. Since then I’ve not bothered to try again. A few days ago, I got the link [...]

A Foggy Vista

Warning: Nerdy Material Ahead Yesterday morning, it was cold and foggy. The type of morning to sit inside by the fire. By 1 PM it was still foggy – something I’ve not seen before here. I decided to try out the shiny new Windows Vista and use my brand spanking new DVD burner (which supports [...]

Relying on Wikipedia

Is the accuracy of Wikipedia a concern or is the lack of proper research in todays society the real problem?