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A quick update, the new MON frontpage is almost complete. Once finished we’ll have a much easier site to access. There’s still a few tweaks to work through so I can’t give an eta. When the new site is done we’ll be dumping the existing news service and replacing it with this blog which will [...]

The Nightingale Flies Again

Well, it’s a little over one day until 3/4 of the Middle of Nowhere Team head off to beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand! Coming with us of course is the Nightingale who will star in some stunning photos! It’s so exciting! Look forward to some trip reports when we return!

Travelling it up again!

The MON team is at it again. Three members, Dex, Devslashtux and myself will be back in New Zealand in August this year. And this time we’re travelling together. Three members of the MON team, together in a foreign country. New Zealand won’t know what hit it! Of course we’ll keep you all post with [...]

The NZ Trip Report of Ultimate Doom (Part 3)

After a suspenseful wait, I hereby present the third and final part of my NZ trip report. Read Part One, and Part Two.

The NZ Trip Report of Ultimate Doom (Part 2)

This is part two of my NZ trip report from January 2006. You can read part one here. Enjoy!

The NZ Trip Report of Ultimate Doom (Part 1)

Kia Ora, This is the second of two MON Productions NZ trip reports. As Colonel (Matt) mentioned earlier, we both travelled to NZ completely independently of each other. Not only did we travel to the same country, we also visited many of the same places. Since I was in NZ for about a month, this [...]

My Milford Track and New Zealand Trip

As you may have read both Drew (Devslashtux) and I have been in New Zealand on holidays. Not the same holidays, it was just a co-incidence that we both planned trips to New Zealand at the same time. I left for my trip on the 6th and got back on the 18th of January. Drew [...]