Monthly Archives: August 2007

New Blog Theme

I’ve replaced the CSS file for my blog, as my old one had some nasty CSS errors and thus was really awful to modify – and since I’m going to (with permission) to use WordPress as a CMS to run the whole site, editable CSS is really important. The new theme is the Sandbox Essay [...]

Games for the iPhone

More links, this time from the Sydney Morning Herald, who report that 3rd Party developers will eventually gain native access to the iPhone – including EA Games (Need for Speed 700 anyone? Yawn…). When Apple updated the iTunes software used to activate the iPhone, curious hackers who looked under the hood quickly found lines of [...]


For the moment, I’m just going to dub my iPhone Application Mobishop (a portmanteau of Mobile and Photoshop [since that is essentially what it is {and Mobiphoto sounds a bit silly (and I like nesting brackets)}]). I’m kind of skipping ahead a bit by doing my minisite now (since we don’t have any major assignments [...]

My Application Update

Tomorrow I’m giving my first presentation for my iPhone application – which at this time has no name. (Perhaps I can call it “The App with No Name”). I’ve now decided to target general iPhone users – that is, those who aren’t particularly technical minded. They just want a good program that works. More details [...]

A quick non-iPhone Update

Should have posted this a while back, well actually Devslashtux should have posted this a while back but he didn’t. Anyway, the Bird Goes ‘Round galleries are back and working again after a long down time. Devslashtux fixed them which we are most appreciative of, we just wished he’d actually told us. So everyone can [...]


Thanks to some more research in Japan, your iPod (and iPhone) can be controlled by clenching your teeth. Perfect for those times where you just don’t want to have your iPod out in public! Never mind the headset laden with infrared sensors. From the article, researcher Kazuhiro Taniguchi says: He says “I just thought it’s [...]

iPhone Demographics

To figure out my target-audience properly, I’ve decided to find some data on the demographics of iPhone users/potential buyers. Most of the info I have found is from a single source, the iPhone Buyers Analysis – a rather pretty single page PDF by a US market research group. Given that Apple are holding their own [...]

iPhone bills – 52 Pages worth

This was a rather interesting article found on Technorati. Apparently, bills for iPhone customers are huge. Really huge. Amazingly huge… I think you get the idea. AT&T seem to think that listing every single data connection for your account is necessary. And on an account with unlimited data usage, there are a lot of connections! [...]

Opera vs iPhone (the movie)

Opera are making a nice little jab at the iPhone in this video. It pretty much mirrors what a few of you have already said in your blog posts. While I’m posting videos from YouTube, there is a review from the New York Times by noneother than the (more than slightly strange) David Pogue…


Hi all, If anyone actually reads my blog, any ideas and suggestions related to my idea (see My Idea Thus Far and Beaten Again for info. about my image editing program). Just leave ideas in the comment form and they’ll get e-mailed to me. If there is sufficient “interest” in the idea, I’ll continue to [...]