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WordPress iPhone App

I’m writing this using the WordPress iPhone app, although running on my iPod touch. At the moment I’m tethered to a wifi connection but it does actually seem kind of cool. I can blog about train delays now – except of course if I’m stuck in a tunnel with no mobile coverage. I’m also getting [...]

Still Bloggin’

No, I’ve not forgotten about blogging (seeing as I still have 6 days before the subject is “over”). Although, don’t expect this post to be coherent. It won’t be. On the DECO1200 front, Minisite 3 is progressing nicely. I’ve just got to decide where to put what… Not fun. But the design is done, and [...]

Native iPhone apps! ZOMG!

Yes! It’s real! It’s exciting enough to make me briefly speak 1337speak! Apple have given in, there will be a real iPhone/iTouch API coming out next February. On the Apple Hot News page, Steve himself (or one of his minions claiming to be Steve) states: Let me just say it: We want native third party [...]

Development Notes 2

I’ve attached a bunch of sketches I’ve drawn (unfortunately, I’ve also lost quite a few). It shows some ideas developing from the initial sketch to the final prototype (now updated!). It also shows a few things that haven’t changed much at all. Perhaps that’s not a good thing…

Presentation 2

I’ve just given my second presentation for DECO1200 and I think some interesting points have been raised. I’m trying not to be a genius designer (i.e. “I’m right, you’re wrong. Get back in your box!”) . Vanessa asked what the colour button (on the edit screen from the prototype) does. Good point. I don’t think [...]

Development Notes 1

Today, I’m going to start a series of posts about the developments I’ve come across over the duration of the project. I’m going to scan in a bunch of scribbled pages I’ve knocked up on the train. It’s also, hopefully, going to show how my ideas have changed to better meet the requirements of my [...]

New iPhone “SDK” coming

According to Ars Technica, Apple are planning a new web-based SDK for the iPhone to be released sometime next year. It will enable offline Web 2.0 apps, similar in concept to Google Gears, so you don’t need to have EDGE or WiFi connectivity to use an app (provided the data has been cached locally). It [...]

The How’s, Why’s and Uh Huh of Mobisnap

A quick update, the DECO1200 Minisite 2 has been posted on the MON site, although I have decided not to import the content into WordPress. I think it would take too long — time I could better use working on the DECO1005 and DECO1008 assignments (in typical style they all end up due at the [...]

Mobisnap High-definition Prototype

Revision 2.2: Updated to show operation of edit screen and navigation. Adds help button? Below is a Flash prototype for the Mobisnap application. It’s programmed to run you through a “product tour” of the program – although the final slide is still incomplete. I’ll update this as soon as I can think.Your comments are welcomed [...]

More News

Rumours are circulating that Apple is planning a revival of the Newton handheld (which still kick Windows PocketPC) in a similar form factor to the iPhone. With a large high-res multitouch screen and useful features like copy & paste that the iPhone lacks, it should be more like a PDA. Obviously though, all of the [...]