Presentation 2

I’ve just given my second presentation for DECO1200 and I think some interesting points have been raised. I’m trying not to be a genius designer (i.e. “I’m right, you’re wrong. Get back in your box!”) .

  1. Vanessa asked what the colour button (on the edit screen from the prototype) does.
    • Good point. I don’t think the prototype makes this obvious enough. In a working application, you’d be able to poke the colour button and see what options are available. So you could actually explore the options.
  2. Rob suggested making the blogging/e-mail integration more clear.
    • Again, I’ve been planning to do this, but the prototype doesn’t address it at all.
  3. Emma suggested rotating the iPhone to rotate photos.
    • This was one of the first ideas I came up with, but I think (given the fact I can’t test this on an iPhone), the accelerometer doesn’t have the accuracy to detect the degree of rotation to be fine enough to do this. And secondly, how would users react to rotating their phone and have the picture remain “level”.
  4. Rob also bought up another issue I hadn’t really thought of. That is by reducing the features, I may have gone too far and removed what made it interesting.

While I’m aware that most of the other DECO students see my app as “Photoshop in your pocket”, I’ve tried to keep the app simple by really focussing on basic photo-editing tasks. Here, having a large, relevant, survey audience would be handy. I’d like to know what my target audience really want. I’ve been making the assumption that people who need Photoshop will have a desktop or laptop with it already, the iPhone app would focus on more basic low-level tasks.

Right now, I’m going to quickly modify
I have updated my prototype to address points 1 and 2. Hopefully, this will also address Rob’s main point. It hasn’t done that yet. Still some more flash hacking to do. Hooray for weekends!