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The financial crisis

Just some thoughts on the Wall St financial crisis. Following the Second World War geo-politics became dominated by the Cold War between Communist and Capitalist ideologies. When the Cold War ended free-market capitalism was often seen as the victorious ideology and successive Governments in the US and around the world pursued free-market economic policies and [...]

Is Lazy Town the new Captain Planet?

Obviously, they are fairly different shows, both Captain Planet and the new to ABC show Lazy Town. I think Captain Planet addressed more macro issues of the environment and socio-economic problems as both a cause and effect (which could be defeated using classical elemental rings). However, promoting eating vegetables, drinking water and exercise are other [...]

Students need WorkCover!

The last few weeks of semester are a busy time for students at all levels and we at MON are feeling the strain. The site has been a bit slow recently, but come the holidays there will be (hopefully [we say this every semester]) a rush of new content coming! But first, as Colonel, Snaykeemcgee [...]

Relying on Wikipedia

Is the accuracy of Wikipedia a concern or is the lack of proper research in todays society the real problem?

Tis the Season to go Mad

Well, its coming up on that time of the year again – shopping centres are playing carols, fake plastic trees are sprouting from everywhere. Yes, the arrival of that dreaded time: Christmas. Not that Christmas is bad, its a good excuse to see family and have a nice relaxing day with a BBQ or five. [...]

Broadband, the ‘wonder’ of it all

I remember the days of being excited with broadband, watching other people or the uni computers with its near pre-emptive page loading – as Colonel once said. It loads the page before you even click! However, with its better speed, it’s also expected that it’ll be better in every way – less hassle, and all [...]

Rosa Parks passes away

American civil rights activist Rosa Parks has passed away in her home in Detroit. She died of natural causes. She was 92. Rosa Parks is credited with sparking the civil rights movement in the US when, in 1955, she refused to give up her seat on a public bus for a white man. Her act [...]

Our civil rights

Here is a random thought that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest. The Australian Government has introduced even tougher anti-terrorism laws. These laws further infringe on our civil rights. The Government claims that these infringements are justified because they protect them from terrorists. But let’s analyse this concept a little further… The Government [...]

The Titanic

Wow, my first blog post, how exciting. If you’re wondering I’m Matt, also known as Colonel on the Have Your Say forums. As Drew mentioned in his first entry, this blog is going to be a place where the members of Middle of Nowhere productions will record any sort of random thoughts they have. I [...]