Monthly Archives: February 2006

Things that annoy me

I’ve been really unimpressed with Australian free to air broadcaster Channel 7′s coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino. No live coverage at all! In this day of mass electronic media it’s impossible not to know the results before they’re aired 12 hours later in the evening on Channel 7 taking away all the [...]

The NZ Trip Report of Ultimate Doom (Part 3)

After a suspenseful wait, I hereby present the third and final part of my NZ trip report. Read Part One, and Part Two.

The Reign of King Farcomb the Magnificent

A play if three parts… Cast: King Farcomb Jeremiah the Adviser (Or Advisor) Marco the Magician Queen Thelmalouisa The Little Known Roger Kirby Experience Thomas of Gorganzola Francais of Almathazua A Random Passing Elk Remix Tribute Band Part 1 – The fall of greatness! King Farcomb: I do exclaim these pantaloons fit excellent. Jeremiah the [...]

What’s in a nickname (redux)

Now for some more self indulgent tripe. On the old website I asked, what exactly is in a nickname? They come from all sorts of influences and are┬áderived from various circumstances (even random is a circumstance). Some people use them, some people don’t. It’s a very intricate system which definitely keeps me up the night [...]

The NZ Trip Report of Ultimate Doom (Part 2)

This is part two of my NZ trip report from January 2006. You can read part one here. Enjoy!

The NZ Trip Report of Ultimate Doom (Part 1)

Kia Ora, This is the second of two MON Productions NZ trip reports. As Colonel (Matt) mentioned earlier, we both travelled to NZ completely independently of each other. Not only did we travel to the same country, we also visited many of the same places. Since I was in NZ for about a month, this [...]