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WordPress iPhone App

I’m writing this using the WordPress iPhone app, although running on my iPod touch. At the moment I’m tethered to a wifi connection but it does actually seem kind of cool. I can blog about train delays now – except of course if I’m stuck in a tunnel with no mobile coverage. I’m also getting [...]

Is Lazy Town the new Captain Planet?

Obviously, they are fairly different shows, both Captain Planet and the new to ABC show Lazy Town. I think Captain Planet addressed more macro issues of the environment and socio-economic problems as both a cause and effect (which could be defeated using classical elemental rings). However, promoting eating vegetables, drinking water and exercise are other [...]


Hello. It seems as thought I’m back. You heard right. Thought. Hmmm perhaps I should think of some content next time.

A Quick Note

Hi readers, Due to the incredible amount of spam that has been hitting the site recently, we’ve changed the comment publishing policy to be moderated before publication. So those of you leaving legitimate comments, don’t fear, they will be published.

The Ballad of Bobby the Cheesemaker

Bobby made cheese. Not just any cheese but the finest cheese in all the land. That was, until the arrival of the Dark Wizard Von Chunsagona. The Dark Wizard was not just any ordinary cheesemaker. He was an insane, cheese making machine with robotic arms and milk as black as his heart. The Dark Wizard [...]

Follow Up to Daily Telegraph Post

A few days ago I made a post about a Daily Telegraph article about spelling errors appearing on the same page as their own spelling error. As a follow up to that post I sent the screenshot I posted into Media Watch and they aired the story! You can see a clip of the show [...]

Surely the Daily Telegraph…

…can’t be this dumb… can they? (Obviously they can be) I was looking for news coverage of the Swann/Costello debate and had to take this screenshot of the front page of the Daily Telegraph website. The banner which I’ve circled in blue is an attack on protesters who held up a sign but got the [...]

Still Bloggin’

No, I’ve not forgotten about blogging (seeing as I still have 6 days before the subject is “over”). Although, don’t expect this post to be coherent. It won’t be. On the DECO1200 front, Minisite 3 is progressing nicely. I’ve just got to decide where to put what… Not fun. But the design is done, and [...]

DECO1008 Final Assignment

I’ve posted the final assignment for DECO1008 online, you can view the very shiny (literally and figuratively) final rendered image on the DECO1008 page. Or below, for those who are lazy

DECO1005: Final Portfolio

I thought I’d post this up here anyway, my final portfolio website for DECO1005 is now online. Go forth and explore, it’s got videos