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I’m the Webmaster and Code Monkey at MON Productions – I’m also responsible for some of the scripts and stories featured on the site.

In the real world, I’m – oddly enough – a web-designer/user experience architect.

The MON Blogs is Dead, Long Live Haloumi Parmigiana

After a long period of self imposed blogging exile the MON Productions team has turned it’s attention to blogging about food. For a tasty treat visit the new MON Blog, Haloumi Parmigiana.

WordPress iPhone App

I’m writing this using the WordPress iPhone app, although running on my iPod touch. At the moment I’m tethered to a wifi connection but it does actually seem kind of cool. I can blog about train delays now – except of course if I’m stuck in a tunnel with no mobile coverage. I’m also getting [...]

Mobisnap isn’t Real

A big hello to everyone who has sent me Mobisnap related e-mails. It’s really cool to see that this blog does get visitors. I hate to break it to you though, Mobisnap isn’t real! It was simply the interface design created for a university project last year. The main focus of the project was the [...]

New Blog Theme

As an interim step to relaunching the MON Blogs, I’ve updated the blog theme to be more “cool” and “vibrant” etc. Do you like? It’s a slight modification of Sandpress, get it here.

A Quick Note

Hi readers, Due to the incredible amount of spam that has been hitting the site recently, we’ve changed the comment publishing policy to be moderated before publication. So those of you leaving legitimate comments, don’t fear, they will be published.

2008: The Year in Preview

Okay, so we’ve been quiet recently. I’m going to try and blame the Christmas and New Year holidays, work, The Orange Box and CityRail… But I really can’t. The truth is that we’re all lazy and can’t be bothered to blog. As you can see, Colonel is a bit stir crazy from all the time [...]


Update: Those of you looking for Mobisnap information click here! Yay! Go and explore my final Minisite. It’s Appleicious! Probably too Appleicious… But I didn’t steal much from them – just their whole company branding… But that’s all. Really. I’ve Photoshopped (sorry, manipulated imagery using the Adobe Photoshop image editing software. Damn US trademark law…) [...]


It’s the last day for DECO1200! Then blessed freedom! If only I could find the reset button for my brain. I’m still seeing the Maya interface when I close my eyes and trying to apply a circular fillet to things that don’t quite fit together! Right now, my biggest worry isn’t actually my website submission. [...]

Still Bloggin’

No, I’ve not forgotten about blogging (seeing as I still have 6 days before the subject is “over”). Although, don’t expect this post to be coherent. It won’t be. On the DECO1200 front, Minisite 3 is progressing nicely. I’ve just got to decide where to put what… Not fun. But the design is done, and [...]


Today was our last day of classes for the semester. Hooray! I’m sleeping in the morning without the guilty feeling of doing work. We also handed in the evil final DECO1008 3d modelling render today, it was worth 80%. Hopefully Steven and Marc think it’s as shiny as I do. I’m actually quite proud of [...]