Monthly Archives: November 2005

Tis the Season to go Mad

Well, its coming up on that time of the year again – shopping centres are playing carols, fake plastic trees are sprouting from everywhere. Yes, the arrival of that dreaded time: Christmas. Not that Christmas is bad, its a good excuse to see family and have a nice relaxing day with a BBQ or five. [...]


*A long, hearty scream is heard*

Broadband, the ‘wonder’ of it all

I remember the days of being excited with broadband, watching other people or the uni computers with its near pre-emptive page loading – as Colonel once said. It loads the page before you even click! However, with its better speed, it’s also expected that it’ll be better in every way – less hassle, and all [...]

Quoteification: P.K. Shaw doesn’t know everything.

I have a day-to-day calendar which has nice little quotes down the bottom. They’re fun, sometimes relevent, sometimes well known – but mostly a good way to procrastinate for, say, 30 seconds. However, throughout the good ol’ calendar there happens to be many many quotes by someone known as P. K. Shaw (see for [...]