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iPhone Demographics

To figure out my target-audience properly, I’ve decided to find some data on the demographics of iPhone users/potential buyers. Most of the info I have found is from a single source, the iPhone Buyers Analysis – a rather pretty single page PDF by a US market research group. Given that Apple are holding their own [...]

iPhone bills – 52 Pages worth

This was a rather interesting article found on Technorati. Apparently, bills for iPhone customers are huge. Really huge. Amazingly huge… I think you get the idea. AT&T seem to think that listing every single data connection for your account is necessary. And on an account with unlimited data usage, there are a lot of connections! [...]

Opera vs iPhone (the movie)

Opera are making a nice little jab at the iPhone in this video. It pretty much mirrors what a few of you have already said in your blog posts. While I’m posting videos from YouTube, there is a review from the New York Times by noneother than the (more than slightly strange) David Pogue…

My idea thus far

Create a mobile compatible, image editing tool. Kind of analogous to Photoshop or The GIMP – but for a small screen. Constraints Network Given the limitations (currently) of writing a native iPhone application, the application would be slower/less capable than if it could run natively on the hardware. The largest problem would be the speed [...]

3rd Party native iPhone apps

That was a little quicker than I expected, in fact, it’s been online since the 28th of July… It’s nothing more than a simple “Hello World!” application, but since they have already reverse engineered the iPhone’s API someone can make an nice app – and hope Apple doesn’t sue them for doing so

Will it Blend?

Now for a nice random video of an iPhone being blended (via YouTube)

iPhone – the Cons

I’ve already posted the pros of the iPhone (as I very quickly perceived them in relation to our project). But I have the feeling that this post may well end up being rather long as I update it over time to outline things the iPhone can’t do. To get going: You can’t install software natively [...]

iPhone – the Pros

For all the hype about the iPhone and it’s good and innovative features, it also has a bunch of features which are really pretty crap. First up though, some of the cool features of the iPhone that I like: Built in 802.11B/G wi-fi Allows data to be pulled over a WLAN instead of over the [...]