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LCA2006 Photos on Flickr

Just a quick note: I’ve got some photos from LCA2006 over on Flickr for your consumption! Enjoy!

LCA2006 Day Three

Friday – the second last day of LCA2006. The keynote today was Damien Conway – of Perl fame talking about Perl 6. I can certainly see why he is such a popular speaker. His comparisons of why Perl is better than Java were excellent and certainly added alot of life to the presentation. I’ll definately [...]

LCA2006 Day Two

Today I attended the OpenLayers Seminar, the Building Rich Web Applications with PHP5 by Rasmus Lerdorf himself and the Google BOF session. OpenLayers looks cool but isn’t quite up to the level where it will challenge the maps API’s offered by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Speaking of Yahoo! Maps, Rasmus Lerdorf talked about using Yahoo! [...]

LCA2006 Day One

At the first full day of LCA2006 the first round of tutorials and seminars took place. I attended the Open Source Graphic Design tutorial – without a laptop unfortunately. It was quite interesting, but for someone already trained and experienced in Adobe Photoshop, The GIMP isn’t quite the same, but it’s slowly getting there – [...]

New Zealand and

Kia Ora! Greetings from Aotearoa! Otherwise known in English as New Zealand. This is a land with incredible scenery, sheep and an uncontrollable urge to jump from high places. I’ve been here since the 9th of January and only now can I be bothered to make a blog post about it. The fact that I [...]