LCA2006 Day One

At the first full day of LCA2006 the first round of tutorials and seminars took place.
I attended the Open Source Graphic Design tutorial – without a laptop unfortunately. It was quite interesting, but for someone already trained and experienced in Adobe Photoshop, The GIMP isn’t quite the same, but it’s slowly getting there – and I still need to deal with PSD files from other people… It’s one bit of commercial software I’m stuck with.

At least on the server I’m free to run Linux, PHP, MySQL etc. That is when I’m not doing .NET. Yes, another case of my educational institute being pro M$…

Google is feeling generous here at LCA2006, last night hosting a happy hour at Bennu bar in Dunedin. It was certainly a happening event with several hundred linuxheads converging for the free beer, wine and softdrink. A cold beer tastes alot sweeter when Google pays for it. Although, are they now tracking our usage patterns with the embedded Googlenanobots?

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day full of interesting topics!

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    When are you hosting your seminar on MON’s plans for world domination?