Monthly Archives: July 2006

Hamburgers are good

In the spirit of posting about food we’ve recently eaten here are some photos of a hamburger I made for lunch today: (Click the thumbnails to see the full size image) Looks good doesn’t it: 1 beef patty, lettuce, mayo, melted swiss cheese, tomato sauce all on a fresh toasted bun

The Adventures of P.K. Shaw

Earlier this morning, Colonel posted a sample chapter of our as-yet-unwritten Middle of Nowhere Self-Help Book. Completely independently, I had decided to post the first part of a new online serial entitled The Adventures of P.K. Shaw Being a Middle of Nowhere Production, it is severly bizzare and is no-doubt going to induce fear and [...]

How to behave in a restaurant

From the forever “soon to be published” upcoming Middle of Nowhere self help book titled “Self Help for the Sensitive New Age Moose” How to behave in a restaurant. It is inevitable to anyone who wishes to have any sort of social life that they will soon find themselves in a restaurant. For the uninitiated [...]

Back to school

The MON team are all heading back to uni after their long break. But for some of us it won’t be long. Dex, Devslashtux and I will be off again in a week and a bit as we head off to NZ for 8 days of skiing. New Zealand won’t know what hit it! Just [...]