Back to school

The MON team are all heading back to uni after their long break.

But for some of us it won’t be long. Dex, Devslashtux and I will be off again in a week and a bit as we head off to NZ for 8 days of skiing. New Zealand won’t know what hit it!

Just like Johnny Bobsled didn’t know what hit him when he ran head first into a pile of deer antlers. For years afterwards he couldn’t play the slide whistle with out saying “My teeth are running the White House.”

I never worked out what that meant…

And on that note here’s an old story Snakymcgee wrote along time ago that I just found on my computer.

Swinging me system, looks like the punks are in town.

The Junior Novelisation. J.C. Budgeandsludge.

A monket leapt from the pole. “OOOh AHHH AHHHHHHHH!!!” it squealed with vigour, eating a banana as it swung to the top of the roof in a fluid motion.

“Get down here,” cried his owner. “Stop eating that banana! That’s my lunch.” Suddenly a lunch machine materialised and gave the owner another banana. Monkey comes down and steals the next banana. Repeats until owner asks for a watermelon, whereby the monkey subsequently dies (out of frustration, trying to peal it).

“Well, that settled that.” The owner runs away and joins the circus.

At the circus the owner spots an albatross, which upon closer inspection is revealed to actually be Sir François Winterbottom. The owner (who’s name is Aldolfous but whom will be referred to as chicken man) dances a jig atop Winterbottom’s sternum!


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    Oh! MON Insanity at it’s finest!

  2. Posted 30 July 2006 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    What’s a monket?