2008: The Year in Preview

Okay, so we’ve been quiet recently. I’m going to try and blame the Christmas and New Year holidays, work, The Orange Box and CityRail… But I really can’t. The truth is that we’re all lazy and can’t be bothered to blog.

As you can see, Colonel is a bit stir crazy from all the time off. So we’re going to try and get into a more regular blogging pattern from now on. He could post a trip-report of his world tour, but “my photos are at home”, he says.

Of course, like most new-years resolutions, saying we’ll blog more often hasĀ been made to be broken.

Futher to tradition, I also tend to begin the year by posting ideas for the website in coming months. But of course I don’t get to them. On the current MON to-do list is a redesign of the blogs. The current WordPress theme has served us well since 2005, but it doesn’t support WP Tagging, the sidebar has become an unruly list of dates (which no-one cares about [much like the blog itself]), and quite honestly it just needs a good update :) So that hopefully will come soon. I have some Photoshop mockups of what I want it to look like. I just have to implement it using the Plaintxt Sandbox theme as a base. In the meantime, here is a sneak-peek at what’s to come on The MON Blogs.

Also in MON Update news, there is a longer term goal to post content more regularly to the site. Hopefully with the benefit of people actually seeing it. If anyone does read this, please post some opinions of the rest of the MON Site. Pretty please?

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    True but that’s not the point…