It’s the last day for DECO1200! Then blessed freedom! If only I could find the reset button for my brain. I’m still seeing the Maya interface when I close my eyes and trying to apply a circular fillet to things that don’t quite fit together!

Right now, my biggest worry isn’t actually my website submission. It’s actually the rumble of thunder above my house. I need compy to have power for a few more hours yet! Especially given the state of the power-grid down here… If the power dies before 5:00 I’m going to be very annoyed.

In other news, Apple did actually update the MacBooks. Very quietly indeed – i.e. they’re shipping with no announcements. They’ve been bumped to the new(er) Intel Santa Rosa chipset with the new X3100 graphics card. So do I want to go and buy one now?? They’re very nice… Although I’m freaked out by the concept of spending $1700 on a computer (spending $1200 on a ski-trip is fine…). On the other hand, it means no more updates for 6 months…