Mobisnap isn’t Real

A big hello to everyone who has sent me Mobisnap related e-mails. It’s really cool to see that this blog does get visitors. I hate to break it to you though, Mobisnap isn’t real! It was simply the interface design created for a university project last year. The main focus of the project was the design of the application and how it affected usability and the user experience.

Mobisnap was never intended to be coded (by me at least). But I’ve always liked the idea of a mobile photo editor and I’d love to see it in action…

So therefore, if anyone wants to take this project on-board I’d love to support it! I’d like to see it developed using the Official iPhone SDK (it can’t be that hard to raise $99 online can it?). If there is enough interest, it might make a cute little open-source project. :)

Scroll back through the DECO1200 category for more information on the application design, I’m sure it will be useful!

Post comments with ideas, suggestions!