Development Notes 2

I’ve attached a bunch of sketches I’ve drawn (unfortunately, I’ve also lost quite a few). It shows some ideas developing from the initial sketch to the final prototype (now updated!). It also shows a few things that haven’t changed much at all. Perhaps that’s not a good thing…

Very old Mobisnap edit screen sketch

Initial desktop-style interface. At this stage I was still thinking “Mobile Photoshop”

Updated sketch of Mobisnap interface

Trying to emulate the interface of iPhoto, but given the size of the screen it didn’t work when mocked up in Photoshop

Cover flow on Mobisnap

A boring drawing of using “cover-flow” to browse photos in landscape mode.

Final list-view for Mobisnap home

The almost final implementation of the mobisnap homepage. (note Mobishop replaced [photorealistic huh]!)

A sketch of the Mobisnap edit toolbar

A toolbar layout idea. I’m still working out how best to make “finger-width” icons.

Mobisnap crop options from early sketch

An idea for cropping images, I like the idea of using a standard bounding-box. But the toolbar needs work.