New iPhone “SDK” coming

According to Ars Technica, Apple are planning a new web-based SDK for the iPhone to be released sometime next year.

It will enable offline Web 2.0 apps, similar in concept to Google Gears, so you don’t need to have EDGE or WiFi connectivity to use an app (provided the data has been cached locally). It also exposes more of the iPhones features to developers. It will come a bit late for us, but it would go a long way to making my app possible through the web-based development environment.

In other news – stolen from the same article – Apple have released an iPhone Human Interface Guidelines document late on Friday (US time). For any of you wanting to make your app as “native” as possible, I’d recommend reading over it. It’s a bit of a shame this wasn’t released a few weeks ago, my Minisite 2 prototype is based on OS X guidelines. Oh well.