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News and Updates

Some more iPod Touch related news: first, a review from US PC World Magazine, which describes a few issues with the screen, sound quality and stability. In particular, it seems to have difficulty working with high-end headphones – something you wouldn’t expect from a “high-end” MP3 player. As usual with Apple gear, it seems that [...]

O2 gets UK iPhone Contract

That’s no help to us, since O2 aren’t a carrier here. Given their wide range of choice between Hellstra, Optarse and Vodafaux (and 3, forgot them), I wonder which Apple will choose. On the upside, 3G networks have widespread (ish) coverage here – something the US doesn’t have (they couldn’t even settle on a single [...]

iSmudginator and native apps

This is very fun, it’s an iPhone smudge and scratch simulator! It even has a cute little cleaning cloth to wipe the fingerprints away. Given the way most consumer-electronics smudge up, someone really needs to come up with a smudge-resistant surface. C’mon nanotechnology, where are you now ‘eh?! On a slightly more useful note, Gearlog [...]

iPhone Cardboard Mockup

I hate republishing files from other peoples blogs, but since the original link to it has disappeared, google finds no leads and a few other DECO students want to print one off, I’ve put a copy of the PDF online for your very own iPhone cardboard cutout. Kudos to the original author, and of course to Apple for [...]

iPhone Mockup

I’ve quickly whipped up a little example of what you can do with standards-compliant CSS and XHTML. It’s an iPhone interface mockup. It’s not an iPhone simulator, but I intend to use this in some way to use this for some quick lo-fi evaluation.The iPhone mockup can be seen here: http://devslashtux.monproductions.com/static/2007/iphone/. Oh, and on a [...]

New iPods

Crikey! Considering rumours were flying about new iPods, Apple have really surprised this time by almost totally revamping the iPod line (with the exception of the Shuffle which only gets new colours). The new line-up is as follows: iPod Shuffle (1GB) iPod Nano (4GB or 8GB) iPod Classic (80GB or 160GB) iPod Touch (8GB or [...]

Games for the iPhone

More links, this time from the Sydney Morning Herald, who report that 3rd Party developers will eventually gain native access to the iPhone – including EA Games (Need for Speed 700 anyone? Yawn…). When Apple updated the iTunes software used to activate the iPhone, curious hackers who looked under the hood quickly found lines of [...]


For the moment, I’m just going to dub my iPhone Application Mobishop (a portmanteau of Mobile and Photoshop [since that is essentially what it is {and Mobiphoto sounds a bit silly (and I like nesting brackets)}]). I’m kind of skipping ahead a bit by doing my minisite now (since we don’t have any major assignments [...]

My Application Update

Tomorrow I’m giving my first presentation for my iPhone application – which at this time has no name. (Perhaps I can call it “The App with No Name”). I’ve now decided to target general iPhone users – that is, those who aren’t particularly technical minded. They just want a good program that works. More details [...]


Thanks to some more research in Japan, your iPod (and iPhone) can be controlled by clenching your teeth. Perfect for those times where you just don’t want to have your iPod out in public! Never mind the headset laden with infrared sensors. From the article, researcher Kazuhiro Taniguchi says: He says “I just thought it’s [...]