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Spiderman 4 Part 2

(Act 2 written by Colonel not Dex, hence its superior awesomeness) Talking Elk Man: Good thing that Aerosmith song never actually came, I don’t think I could have taken another song! Talking Fridge Boy: Look out Talking Elk Man, it’s your arch nemesis Mr Arch Nemesis. Mr Arch Nemesis: My arches could crush a thousand [...]

Spiderman 4

I’ve recently learnt that there will in fact be a fourth Spiderman film and that this film is actually going to be financed by Middle of Nowhere member Dex. Now obviously this means Dex will have a lot of creative control over the film. I recently asked him about his plans and they include dumping [...]

The Journey of Bob the Turtle

No one knew where Bob the Turtle got his name. He didn’t look anything like a turtle and he’d never had anything to do with turtles in his life. When he was a kid his best friend Josie had had a turtle but no one ever called her Josie the Turtle. (They called her Anna [...]

Middle of Nowhere News

A bit of MON news to report. Last week Devslashtux, Snaykeemcgee, Dex and I got together for a MONSTOCK of sorts. We didn’t actually do any Middle of Nowhere related stuff but I still have some MON news to report. Devslashtux and I have agreed on a new design for the front page, so that [...]

Half-Life 2 Episode One – Troubleshooting, crashes; everything you need to know

A new post regarding Orange Box and Half-Life 2 Episode Two has been posted. Note: This post is for anyone who has attempted to play Half-Life 2 Episode One and run into various crashes or problems. In my struggles to get the game working on my computer I’ve noticed many forums with threads started by [...]

Hamburgers are good

In the spirit of posting about food we’ve recently eaten here are some photos of a hamburger I made for lunch today: (Click the thumbnails to see the full size image) Looks good doesn’t it: 1 beef patty, lettuce, mayo, melted swiss cheese, tomato sauce all on a fresh toasted bun

How to behave in a restaurant

From the forever “soon to be published” upcoming Middle of Nowhere self help book titled “Self Help for the Sensitive New Age Moose” How to behave in a restaurant. It is inevitable to anyone who wishes to have any sort of social life that they will soon find themselves in a restaurant. For the uninitiated [...]

Back to school

The MON team are all heading back to uni after their long break. But for some of us it won’t be long. Dex, Devslashtux and I will be off again in a week and a bit as we head off to NZ for 8 days of skiing. New Zealand won’t know what hit it! Just [...]

More news from the land of MON

Things have been pretty quiet here in old MON land with the MON team rushing to finish end of semester assignments. I know Dex in particular has been hammered with work and I had to hand in a couple of massive assignments before my break which started yesterday. But in the mean time we’ve had [...]

Mmmm, free stuff

Went to the shops today to buy some milk. And the milk came with a free yogurt and mongo desert thing. It’s so good I’m eating it right now. Don’t know why it was free, it’s not out of date, but hey who am I to complain. Not much new in the land of MON. [...]