Middle of Nowhere News

A bit of MON news to report.

Last week Devslashtux, Snaykeemcgee, Dex and I got together for a MONSTOCK of sorts. We didn’t actually do any Middle of Nowhere related stuff but I still have some MON news to report.

Devslashtux and I have agreed on a new design for the front page, so that should be sorted out soon. It’s going to make the website much easier to use.

Related to that news is the fact that this post is in the blogs. That’s because when we create the new front page we’ll be scrapping the old news format and simply posting any MON related news in this blog.

We also had a conversation about the possibility of Dex working on a Middle of Nowhere computer game. It’s very pie in the sky stuff at the moment but Dex thinks he’s going to have some spare time next semester because he’ll be doing his placement and thus won’t have any assignments to work on outside his working hours.

So stay tuned for more possible details about that.

So that’s all for now the new front page should be done soon so check back regularly.