It started one fine morning when we all arrived at devslashtux’s for MONSTOCK. I dont want to overhype how the day was, but as the only person present at all of Woodstock, MONSTOCK and landed on the moon this was the greatest of the three.

Our main task was to record the Fishflywest radio play – which was pretty much the only thing we actually achieved. To summarise MONSTOCK it was great periods of inactivity brutally punctured by devslashtux doing something. He edited the entire radio script painstakingly whilst the rest of us fooled around, talked about the future of West Africa and drinking Solo and orange crush (not the REM song, however I have never heard it, colonel just told me. I mean, perhaps I should know actually being every member of the band, but whatever I dont pay much attention).

We started to procrastinate early in the morning when we had a visitor who disrupted our proceedings for the following few hours… however somehow we managed to record all the parts – with myself as the Narrator, Colonel as Philby and Snakeymcgee as Ninjo with devslashtux filling in the incidental voices.

We wrote a few fish fly west episodes, two infact – snakeymcgee wrote one (with a new remix extended edition ending by me) and another by myself – which fueled with the MON spirit and a triple shot of pan galactic gargle blasters I wrote the greatest fishfly west ever, it was so great that at one point, somewhere between revealing the meaning of life and solving world hunger all the fish suddenly flew east, much the chagrin of Oliver Cromwell.

We then adjourned outside to where our Grill Seargent cooked us up some fine meat – a traditional MON helping of snausages and steak. It was grand, right up until the point where the universe imploded. Then it was slightly less grand.

From that point onwards the evening wound down, with much gesticulation from myself about the blogosphere, and how it was the death of journalism, devslashtux actually managed to finish the editing, and was proclaimed the only member of MON to actually be capable of doing anything. The rest of us commited suicide as a public service.

Thus from beyond the grave I give you this fine report of the proceedings, and I cant wait for MONSTOCK 2006 – which has already occured, as I am from the future and the past simultaneously (whilst still maintaining my whalelike self) and it was grand. And had 10000 people present, 9400 of whom were Nelson Mandela.

You can listen to Episode 1 of Fishflywest here.

Below are some photos for your perusal.

Matt in Space!!

Grill Sergeant

Comrade Dwewsky

Matt, Deon and Alex in reverse order

Deon looking Jaques Cousteau'ish

We hope you’ve enjoyed (and been utterly terrified) by this insight into the world of Middle of Nowhere Productions.