2005 Draws to a Close

Well, as 2005 comes to a close we wrap-up the biggest year for MON Productions yet by adding more content and more fun and excitement.

So far this year, we’ve already created a new website merging The Bird Goes ‘Round, The Infinite Universe and Three Random Characters and the original MON Productions website into one megasite. We also created a brand new project – Fishflywest, the adventures of Ninjo and Philby.

Now, we add 2 new episodes to Fishflywest as well as the first episode of Fishflywest the Radio Programme! It is now available for your listening pleasure at http://www.monproductions.com/fishflywest/podcasts/EpisodeOne-lofi.mp3

MONSTOCK 2005 came to a close tonight – the 28th of December – hosted this year by Drew (devslashtux). But we’ll leave details about this for another post.

2006 promises to be an even bigger year – kicking off with MONSTOCK05-06 on New Years Eve/Day! With, over the next few months, Zoltan the Assassin coming to the big-screen (if you have one).

Happy New Year 2005 from the MON Team.