Welcome to the MON Blogs


This is the first post at The MON Blogs. More posts will be made soon, I promise.

As in introduction to what Middle of Nowhere is I’ll quote the MON Productions About Page (http://www.monproductions.com/about/)

Middle of Nowhere is essentially four people who get together and work on creative projects. We write scripts, film short movies, take photographs, draw comics, whatever.

The other 3 team members are Matt, Alex and Deon. At the moment we haven’t quite decided to use screennames or our real names – so bear with us for a little while.

I’d also like to point out that like the rest of the MON site, these Blogs are going to be a bit unpredictable. It’s likely to contain posts on anything and everything -our views on current events, politics, computers or simply a whinge about public-transport.

For those of you who are geographically inclined, we’re from Sydney, Australia – yes, people do live here and no we don’t have koalas and kangaroos in our backyards. In fact the majority of new houses in the region don’t really have backyards at all… But that’s another post.

To conclude this, the first post on The MON Blogs I welcome you! If you’d like to see what MON Productions gets up to have an explore around the rest of the MON Productions website.